[MEETUP] US-UT KeyCon 2024 Hosted by NovelKeys

The Important Bits

Ticket Info

$25/person - Capped at 500 tickets

Host City

Salt Lake City, Utah


Venue 6SIX9

Board Limit

There should be plenty of space, but please be respectful. If we are running out of space, those with large collections will be asked to remove items. We are not responsible for the storage of these excess items.

The Return of KeyCon

2020 happened, meetups went away for a while, and now that they’ve most definitely returned… Many are wondering “where is KeyCon??”. Well, after a break for a few years it's returning (with a few changes)!

Meetups of this size have become too large financially and logistically for individuals to shoulder, so JacobsMirror (who coordinated it for the past few years) approached us (NovelKeys) about taking over the yearly management of KeyCon. We love this community and feel it would be a sad loss if this event ceased to exist, so we are happily taking it on!

So this is a vendor run event now? How does this affect the vibe?

In short? It shouldn’t. We (NovelKeys) have our own annual meetup (The Keyboard Meetup) that is hosted at our HQ, and centered around showing off new/upcoming products. KeyCon won’t be an extension of that. Our aim is still to keep KeyCon about the community and allowing any vendor or maker to have equal representation.

But why?

Venues for large crowds are expensive, signage is expensive, planning is time consuming, and liability causes anxiety. In order for KeyCon to continue on, it made the most sense for it to have some financial backing beyond someone’s personal accounts.

Will NovelKeys be making money off this?

Not at all. Managing and putting on this event will be an operational loss for us. Any ticket sales go directly towards offsetting the various costs incurred to have this event.

Why Salt Lake City, why only 500 tickets, why was there no location voting like in the past??

As mentioned above, hosting an event like this takes a lot of work. With this being the first one under our wing we need to use it as a gauge moving forward. Salt Lake City is my hometown, which will help immensely in planning and logistics. It is also very close to a major airport, benefiting those flying in. If all goes well, we would love to bring back location voting in some aspect.